Minimal Frame Glazing Technical Specifications

The new INFINIUM sliding glazing system allows for wide panoramic views with natural daylight and offers greater comfort. Its high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation combined with its wide range of configurations will satisfy any architectural requirements. Launch options inc a two track threshold, with triple track and corner opening variants. Sash sizes are determined by glass/load weight @ 400kg per sash / up to 3000mm wide and 3500mm in height.


Design Features

  • Inline sliding glazing
  • Fully concealed outer-frame
  • 21mm central interlock
  • One or more opening panels with large width dimensions up to 3000mm and height dimensions up to 3500mm
  • Holds up to 400 kg panel weight



  • Available in two track and triple track
  • Floating corner post
  • Single colour options available on a 2 week lead time
  • Dual colour options available on 8-10 week lead time
  • Double and triple glazing options are available at 38mm and 52mm Solar reflective or tinted glass



  • A bespoke central lock fully integrated into the interlock
  • Lateral locking handle with concealed mechanism
  • Motorised lock and sliding mechanism (optional)





Performance and accreditation
Uw-Value (Double Glazing)1.3 W/m²K
Uw-Value (Triple Glazing)< 1.0 W/m²K
Air TightnessClass 4 (600 Pa)
Water TightnessClass 8A (450 Pa)
Wind LoadClass C3 (1200 Pa, up to 160 km/h)
Size limits
Maximum Sash Weight400kg
Maximum Sash Dimension3000mm (w) | 3500mm (h)
Maximum igu38mm to 52mm
Colour offering
RAL/BS Single colour option2-4 week lead time
RAL/BS Dual Colour option8-10 week lead time